Blue Umbrella

Volunteers of our Kunsthalte platform, who took refuge in the Netherlands from the witch hunt in Turkey, express their victimization through art. Our artists who continue their work within Kunsthalte, which was established two years ago, opened a painting exhibition in Heerenveen.

While the exhibition attracted great attention, the platform aims to be a voice for people of all races who have been victimized.

In the Blue Umbrella painting exhibition; it is possible to see the pain of a Uyghur girl and the waiting of a family with backpacks in Maritsa. The exhibition depicts prisons, children with cancer, refugee camps, earthquakes, poverty and hope despite everything.

At the opening of the exhibition, there was a ney concert. Then our other platform Sound of Change supported the exhibition with their music songs. The exhibition can be visited until April 7th.


Silence is the worst enemy of freedom.


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