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Art Station

Art Station

What is Art Stop?

Art Stop is a community where individuals who have immigrated to the Netherlands and have an interest in art come together both online and in physical spaces. This group serves as a platform where people passionate about both modern and traditional arts share their experiences, exchange knowledge about art, and organize various artistic activities.

Art Stop aims to promote the use of art as a universal tool while increasing awareness of human rights. In pursuit of this goal, it endeavors to harness the power of art to build a more just world.

What Are the Objectives of Art Stop?

Considering the foundation's mission, the significance of art as a universal language is undeniable. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the value of art and bring together individuals interested in art. Furthermore, opportunities should be provided to those who wish to enhance their skills in the field of art. Ultimately, Art Stop aims to contribute to the reduction or elimination of human rights violations through art.

What Can You Do?

You can contribute to the reduction or cessation of human rights violations by participating in one of the projects featured on our website. Additionally, you can engage in experience sharing or gain new skills by joining these projects. Moreover, you can support us financially by becoming a sponsor.

You can visit our club page for our posts, and you can share your works with us by applying to the art stop platform on the volunteers page.

You can follow Instagram and website for events.

Art Stop is a platform of the Wsvvrijheid foundation.

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